Going green is more than a lifestyle change, it’s a complete transformation of your monthly expenses. HCI Get-A-Pro offers a wide of variety of premier Energy-Efficient Windows. Peoria, IL is the ideal location to cut back on energy expenses while also emphasizing the natural beauty of your home. Featuring stunning, high-performance designs, our window remodelers can reduce the strain on your HVAC unit and keep your home the comfortable, sunlit place you want it to be.

Elegant Bow and Bay Window Options for Your Peoria Home

Homeowners looking for a fresh, elegant upgrade will fall in love with our bow and bay window designs. Blending the classic charm of these windows with some of the best green technologies, these ultra-efficient windows are a great upgrade. Featuring stunning views and unique features indoors and out, our Peoria bay windows and bow windows can add new depth and dimension to your home’s design.

  • Bay windows: characterized by 3 panes arranged to project outward at angles from 30 to 90 degrees, capturing more light throughout the day and leaving room for a small seating or shelving space inside.
  • Bow windows: typically feature a larger number of panes for a more curved semi-circular appearance. These more Victorian structures are typically wider, capturing light from more directions. They can be used along the corner of your home to create a sundrenched nook inside.

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If you think that new windows are exactly what you need to spruce up your home contact our Window installers. Peoria, IL window contractors are ready to get you a project estimate so that you can have the bright, stunning home you’ve always wanted. Our quality remodeling team offers unique windows that perform flawlessly, outlasting the competition with some of the finest materials and warranties in the industry. Get your Peoria replacement windows and call our team to learn more about our energy-efficient remodeling options, or request a free estimate now by filling out our online form.

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