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When considering roof replacement in Quad Cities, it’s important to know what qualities to look for in your roofing contractors. After all, your new roof will be in charge of protecting your most important investment—your home. You need to make sure your new build can withstand weather and that your roofing contractors are skilled and experienced enough to do the job just right!

Here’s what to consider when committing to a roof replacement project:

1.  Look for Experienced and Accredited Quad Cities Roofing Contractors

Many Quad Cities roofing contractors fall into the trap of hiring cheap and inexperienced laborers. We here at HCI Get-A-Pro pride ourselves on hiring only the best of the best. Don’t believe us? Check out our profile with the Better Business Bureau—an A+ rating and glowing customer reviews just can’t be faked.

Our roof replacement specialists are members of the National Association of Remodelers and the Metal Roofing Alliance, demonstrating our commitment to high standards and professional service. You’ll never have to worry about rushed jobs or cut corners with us!

2.  Consider Metal Roofing for Maximum Protection

Experienced metal roofing contractors in Quad Cities area are hard to come by. That’s because not just any roof replacement company knows how to install metal roofs. At HCI Get-A-Pro, we know how to install metal roofing that is durable and strong enough to protect your home against unpredictable Midwestern weather (our metal roofs protect your home against winds up to 170 mph!) Our builds last at least 50 years, and we ensure your new roof won’t rot, split or warp!

3.  Look for a Company that Offers Customizable Roofing Shingles

Elevate your home’s curb-appeal (and value) with roofing shingles that perfectly enhance your home’s existing aesthetic. We offer customizable architectural roofing shingles that are stronger and more durable than standard asphalt shingles. Choose from a variety of color, texture, and style options to help you achieve the look you’re after!

4.  Look for a Company Centred on Customer Service

Roof replacements are no small task. They can drag on and disrupt your family’s life and schedule if you choose the wrong roofing contractors. We pride ourselves on scheduling your roof replacement for a time that’s convenient for you, and we complete the job quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption and delays. We also offer flexible financing options so you can get the roof you want on your budget.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your Quad Cities roof replacement, call us today or fill in our quick and easy online form. We’ll schedule a free in-home estimate that will determine a roofing package that perfectly fits your needs and budget!