Bathroom Safety Tips

There is much to consider when shopping for walk in showers and other accessibility remodeling services. Not only do you want a bathroom that is stylish and safe, you want to make sure you enjoy the remodeling experience each step of the way! When you choose Kohler walk in showers or Kohler walk in baths installed by Get-A-Pro, you’re getting the best products, value, and service possible! The bathroom safety experts at Get-A-Pro have the following tips for upgrading your bath or shower:

  1. Install grab bars outside and inside the tub, and on the sides of the toilet.
  2. Leave a light on in your bathroom at night.
  3. Skid-proof the tub and floor with non-stick decals.
  4. Use only non-skid throw rugs.
  5. Make sure commonly used items are within easy reach – especially in the tub or shower.
  6. Remove any objects that would be easily tripped over.
  7. Install a night light.
  8. To avoid scalds, turn water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
  9. Use door locks that can be opened from both sides.
  10. If possible, bathe only when help is available.

Our installers are certified and uphold our stringent standards of quality customer service, and we offer many benefits within our comprehensive remodels including:

  • Our Kohler Certified installers are bathroom safety experts
  • We have a large selection of bathroom safety products
  • Kohler Walk in Tubs offer a variety of bathroom safety features

Compassionate Bathroom Safety Experts

At Get-A-Pro, we believe that accessibility remodeling should be an enjoyable experience that results in the safety, comfort, and style you want. Our bathroom safety experts provide courteous services for meeting the needs of your bathing challenges simply and affordably, and we offer useful bathroom safety tips that will help ensure your protection for many years after the remodel is complete.

Beautiful Bathroom Safety Products

Ensuring your safety does not mean you have to deal with a bathroom that looks like it belongs in a hospital. When choosing bathroom safety products offered by Get-A-Pro, you never have to sacrifice style to get the secure and functional features you need. We offer a variety of walk-in tubs and walk-in showers for meeting your design preferences, and our professionals will help you make an informed decision.

Custom Bathroom Safety Features

Get everything you need for a safe and comfortable bathroom when you complete your remodel with our quality and stylish safety features! Our bathroom safety products include custom faucets and finishes, seats for our barrier free showers, easy-grip grab bars, non-slip surfaces, and so much more.

Discover Our Bathroom Safety Solutions for Yourself!

Choosing the right bathroom safety solutions is important for your protection and bathing comfort. You also deserve the best customer service possible, which is something we pride ourselves on at Get-A-Pro! To learn more about our service options, give us a call to speak with a helpful member of our team—and get some bathroom safety tips while you’re at it! You can also get started with our simple online quote form.

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Save $1000 on your Walk in Bath project with Get A Pro!

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