For those who struggle with mobility, bathing in a traditional tub or shower can be a frustrating, painful experience. At HCT Get A Pro, we believe every home should have a luxurious, relaxing bathroom that is fully-accessible to all members of your family, and we offer innovative Kohler walk-in tubs that can restore your bathing independence. Kohler is known for their quality and innovation in the industry, and we’re proud to offer their premier line of beautiful walk-in tubs to customers throughout the region – at an affordable, honest price.

Why Choose Kohler Walk-In Tubs

Choosing the right walk-in tub for your home can be a daunting process, but Get A Pro makes the decision easy with our innovative walk-in bathtubs by Kohler. As one of America’s leading manufacturers for top-of-the-line bath products, Kohler’s walk-in tubs are designed to provide you with the ultimate in both style and functionality.

Kohler walk-in tubs offer a number of premier benefits to those who need a more accessible bathing option, including the following:

  • American made walk-in tubs
  • Easy-open, watertight doors
  • Convenient chair-height seating
  • Easy-to-grab safety bars
  • Extra-wide door and ultra-low lip entry
  • Relaxing hydrotherapy and massaging jets
  • Heated surfaces for maximum comfort
  • Handheld shower heads

Learn More About Walk-In Tub Installation

At Get A Pro, our first priority is ensuring that your bath renovation is a seamless, stress-free process. Our expert team will walk you through each step of your bathroom remodel, and we can even get your new walk-in tub installation done in as little as one day. With exceptional Kohler products and guaranteed service, there is no better choice than Get A Pro to transform your bathroom into a beautiful, accessible retreat.

To learn more about our premier walk-in tub installation and Kohler products, just give us a call today. You can also fill out our online form, and we’d be happy to get you set up for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Save $1000 on your Walk in Bath

Save $1000 on your Walk in Bath project with Get A Pro!

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